The following School Regulations and Code of Behaviour have been established for the purpose of maintaining good order, discipline and governance at the School. Parents are advised to go through them and to the extent possible help their children understand them. Students are to abide by the disciplines, rules and customs of the School. The Principal is duly empowered by the School Director to exercise authority in all matters affecting the day to day running of the School including suspension and removal of a student. Parents and students will accept the Principal’s authority at all times. These Regulations and Code of Behaviour are subject to revision.


In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires:

“Academic year” means the cycle when the school provides classroom teaching. For the time being the school year runs from September to June except for the A-level for which the school year is from July to June.

“Application fee” means a fee that a student pays when making an application for admission to Academic International School.

“Enrolment agreement” means an agreement that a parent or guardian signs to certify that they accept the terms and conditions under which their child is admitted at Academic International School. This agreement is signed at the time a child is admitted to the School.”Re-admission agreement” means an agreement that a parent or guardian signs at the end of the school year when students are re-admitted to school for the next school year. Among other things, the parent/guardian accepts the class to which a student is admitted in the next school year.

“Registration fee” means a fee that a parent or guardian pays after a student has been approved for admission and is officially entered into the School register.”School” means Academic International School established by the Authority of the Tanzania Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. For purposes of these Regulations this includes Academic International Nursery School, Academic International Primary School and Academic International Secondary School.

“School fees” means payment given for official classroom attendance and tuition at school. It is distinguished from other payments such as application fees, registration fees, bus transport fees, swimming fees, etc.

“School Principal” means a teacher designated by the School Manager to act on his behalf as the Head of the School. The Principal will be charged with the execution of the School’s academic programme and its day-to-day administrative affairs.

“School uniform” means clothing worn by students at school conforming to materials and design specified by the School.



  • School hours will be communicated to Parents from time to time. All students must be in school ten minutes before the beginning of the first lesson. Students arriving at school late without good reason may be sent back home
  • A student brought to School by parents or their representatives must be collected from the school entrance not later than thirty minutes after the child’s last class. For the sake of security, parents may be required to identify individuals who will be bringing students to and from School
  • Students are expected to remain on school premises during school hours, except during outside trips organised by the School.


  • Except in case of sickness or other unavoidable reason, students are expected to attend school at all times. Where a child is unable to attend school, the parent or guardian is required to phone the School or to send a written note explaining the reasons for the child’s absence. Absence from school for excessively long periods of time can adversely affect a student’s grades and overall performance report.
  • Students are enrolled for the whole academic year. In case a student has to withdraw from the School before the end of the academic year, parents/guardians should notify the School in writing.
  • For withdrawal, a minimum of one term’s notice is required. If notice of withdrawal is received after a term has commenced, then fees for the remainder of that term are payable whether or not a student continues to attend lessons. Notice of withdrawal is effective from the date it is received by the School.
  • Absence from school without permission or acceptable reasons may lead to disciplinary action including denying a student access to examination and/or receipt of student reports.


Students are required to complete classroom and homework assignments. Where for unavoidable reasons a student does not complete assignments within the required time, arrangements will be made to make up for the incomplete work. Continual failure to complete assignments may lead to disciplinary action.


  • Fees are charged on an annual basis and are, for convenience, split into three termly accounts.
  • The tuition fees for each of the three terms will be communicated to parents/guardians before the beginning of each academic year. School fees for each term are payable in advance, and at the latest before the first day of the term for which they are due.
  • A student shall not be allowed into class if fees are not paid by the deadline.
  • In addition to being excluded from class, the School will withhold school reports, certificates and academic credits of a student whose financial accounts with the School are not fully settled.
  • When a student is excluded from class for not paying full fees and when such fees remain unpaid for one month, the student will be removed from the school register. A student thus removed from the school register shall be required to make a new application for admission, should she/he wish to be re-admitted to the School.
  • By accepting letters of admission or re-admission to the School, parents/guardians commit themselves to pay fees for each term. No reductions or refunds will be made for withdrawal, dismissal or absence.
    Application fees and registration fees are not refundable.
  • Any additional costs for books, school supplies and other school-related activities will be paid for separately, that is, in addition to tuition fees.


  • An enrolment agreement, confirming acceptance of School Regulations, will be signed by parents/guardians of students being admitted to the school for the first time. Similarly, at the end of each school year, all Parents/guardians will sign a re-admission agreement, confirming acceptance of the School Regulations.
  • Parents/guardians shall sign enrolment and re-admission agreements, on behalf of their children, thus undertaking to abide by the School Regulations.


  • The School may require any student to undergo medical checks and tests deemed necessary by the Principal. Acting on the advice of medical authorities, the School may suspend a child from attending classes, if it is deemed necessary for the protection of other members of the school community.
  • In case of emergency involving injury or sickness of a student, the School will be at liberty to arrange for medical treatment to a student. In such cases the final cost of medical treatment shall be borne by parents/guardians of the child



  • The School premises are to be used exclusively for educational activities as stipulated in the school syllabus and class timetables, or as may be authorized by the Principal and other Teachers from time to time.
  • Students should refrain from: (i) using distracting objects, including Walkman tapes, disc players and portable computer games, (ii) betting, (iii) gambling and (iv) being in possession of and/or using walkie talkies, cell or mobile phones and similar devices during school hours. Any forbidden electronic gadgets brought to school may be confiscated and retained by the school for unspecified period of time
  • The following actions shall not be permitted on school premises and shall merit severe penalties, including automatic suspension or dismissal from the School:
    • use of abusive language
    • smoking on school premises or proved to have smoked on or off the premises
    • consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages on school premises
    • taking illegal drugs
    • cheating in school examinations and tests; students engaging in any sort of malpractice inside or outside examination rooms will be disqualified from the examinations.
    • indulging in sexual practices and possession of pornographic pictures, or any obscene and indecent behaviour
    • bullying other students
    • unruly behaviour and vandalism
    • physical violence, including fighting
    • stealing school property or other students’ property
    • Repeated disobedience and disrespect for instructions and warnings given by the Principal and teachers
    • bringing to school potentially offensive objects, including knives, firearms and fireworks
    • making unnecessary noise in school
    • littering school premises


  • Students are required to wear the School’s designated uniform during school hours and when travelling to and from school.
  • Students’ dresses must be according to dimensions specified by the Principal and should not reflect extremes of prevailing fashions
  • Ornaments and jewellery should not be worn at school
  • Students should always be neat and clean.
  • Only modest hairstyles are permitted (no rashers, beads and highlighting are allowed).


School property may not be removed from school premises unless by authority of the Principal or her/his representative. Parents of a student who causes damage or loss to school property, shall be required to make appropriate compensation to the School.


Students using the school bus are to assemble at points and hours announced by the School from time to time. Students must respect the cleanliness of the buses and follow instructions of the drivers and teachers. Those who are unruly on the bus may be discontinued from using the bus service.


  • If a student has failed to pay school fees, or committed a grave offence, or if her/his conduct is detrimental to the interests of other students or the school at large, the Principal is free to order the removal of the student from the school. In these circumstances, no claim shall arise for the remission or return of any portion of the fees payable for the term.
  • The decision to remove a student from the School and the manner and form of the removal shall be the discretion of the Principal. Parents may appeal to the Parents’ School Committee if they are not satisfied with a dismissal of a child from the School.
  • The Principal and teachers, acting on her/his behalf, are free to apply other forms of disciplinary measures, such as detention, which are commensurate with the type and gravity of offences committed by students.


Students shall be responsible for abiding by the behavior standards defined in this Code. In case of violation of the Code, teachers and the School Principal shall be responsible for implementing corrective measures. The School principal will consult the counseling committee, disciplinary committee and the School Manager in instances such as suspension and dismissal of a student.


The School shall decline responsibility for the following:

  • Injury of any sort caused to a student, by accidents, by third parties, or by students’ negligence.
  • Loss of a student’s property.
  • Damages to a student, arising from the misdeed of third parties and by staff members when not acting in their official capacity as school employees.
  • Loss of a place in the School when a student has not fulfilled conditions for the payment of fees or when a student has been removed from the School for disciplinary reasons.