Our Mission is to:
  1. Help students develop intellectual resources, talents and physical and artistic capabilities
    and reach their full potential in various spheres of life
  2. Help students get opportunities for further educational and vocational training and
    eventually gain employment, including self-employment
  3. Maintain good student discipline, foster courage, honesty, politeness, good manners and
    high personal standards, respect for authority and sound moral values
  4. Encourage healthy competition and the pursuit of success
  5. Impart to students general knowledge relevant to all spheres of life
  6. Promote ability to make choices and independent judgement
  7. Assist students develop overall well-being in terms of health, nutrition and good citizenship
  8. Provide broadly based education relevant to Tanzanian and global environment
  9. Deliver a sound teaching program by recruiting highly qualified teachers, updating the curriculum regularly, motivating teachers by providing favorable working conditions and applying new information technologies
  10. Unite parents, students, staff and the local community into a partnership that can facilitate the delivery of quality education to the students.