The Primary School comprises Grade I to Grade VII. The curriculum includes the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Civics (Social Studies), History, Geography, and Kiswahili. In addition, Computer studies are taught in Grades III to VII and French in Grades IV to VII.

Entrance to Grade I is upon a child reaching six years of age either before or during the school year concerned. Students entering Grades II to VII will have completed successfully a lower class in the previous year either at Academic International School or at another school.


Homework, which is an integral part of schoolwork, facilitates the development of independent learning and the acquisition of study skills among students. The performance in homework is enhanced when students are provided a suitable environment for study at home

Assessment and Reporting

In the Primary School, formal tests are given each month, in order to determine students’ skills on a more or less continual basis. At the end of each term, students take more comprehensive examinations. These are used to assess the students’ accomplishments and their understanding of the subjects learnt during the term. They also help teachers to determine the best way to assist individual students. Formal reports are issued at the end of each term. However, teachers may issue other reports to meet specific requirements.

Grade VII Examinations

At the end of Grade VII students take an exam comprising two parts: (i) the Common Entrance Exam (for papers in English, Geography, Mathematics, Science, ICT and French) and (ii) an internally set exam for all other subjects. Students also sit for the Tanzania National Standard VII Examination. However, this exam is to be phased out, as a result of which starting from 2016-2017 academic year, Grade VII students will only sit for the Common Entrance.

Primary School Teachers