The School Management, staff and the whole community of Academic International School wishes to welcome you to our Website. Thank you for visiting us. We trust that through this site we can establish a valuable association with our stakeholders and the public at large. Many parents and students increasingly turn to the Internet to search for schools and related information.

We are confident that this site will assist them by providing information that will allow them to make choices. Being available for 24 hours the site will increase the ease with which users can find information about our School. It will also cut costs incurred in phone calls and physical visits to our School. Furthermore, it will provide us a reasonably cheap medium for advertising ourselves.

In addition to informing about educational opportunities at our School, the site is an important source of information for our own students and their parents or guardians. While the School continues to send circulars and letters to parents, the use of this Website will improve speed and reliability of communication. It also enables the School to relay information to parents that is continually changing and also information that up until now has been provided once in a while at parents’ annual meetings. Please join us and make this site your regular and reliable source of information about Academic International School and other information on education in general.